19 Months in Berlin

1. Westhafen, Wedding, 2015-12-19
2. The Spree in Moabit, 2017-09-03

Now pictures I took when I lived in Berlin (at first in the northern district of Reinickendorf):

3. Wedding, 2018-01-07 – for a city that was reduced to rubble in WW2, I was always surprised how many nice buildings there are in Berlin
4. Wedding, 2018-01-07
5. Rosenthal, Pankow, 2018-01-14
6. Rosenthal, Pankow, 2018-01-14
7. Reinickendorf, 2018-01-18 – The view from the place I lived for my first eight months in Berlin
8. Rosenthal, Pankow, 2018-01-27
9. Pankow, 2018-02-01 – The former Mälzerei (Malt Brewery)
10. Reinickendorf, 2018-02-05 – These two buildings show the practice of Entstuckung: the one on the right has it’s original facade, while all decoration (or stuck, which means plaster) has been removed from the one on the left. This was often done throughout Germany and Austria from the 1920’s to the 1970’s to make buildings fit the ideal of ‘form follows function’
11. Schäfersee, Reinickendorf, 2018-02-13
12. Reinickendorf, 2018-02-13
13. Reinickendorf, 2018-02-13 – An aeroplane coming in to land at Tegel Airport (which closed in 2021), with a former tram depot that now houses a supermarket in the foreground
14. Reinickendorf, 2018-02-14
15. Reinickendorf, 2018-02-16 – The first of a number disused, dead-end tramlines that I’m going to show you here
16. Ice on the Spree seen from Oberbaumbrücke, between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, 2018-03-02
17. Schäfersee, Reinickendorf, 2018-03-02
18. Wilhelmsruher See, Wilhelmsruh, Pankow, 2018-03-02
19. Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, Wedding, 2018-03-03
20. Weissensee, Pankow, 2018-04-07
21. Weissensee, Pankow, 2018-04-07
22. Tegel, Reinickendorf, 2018-04-15 – A typical Berlin Kleingarten, or allotment, which sometimes has people living on it
23. Lübars, Reinickendorf/Rosenthal Pankow, 2018-04-19 – the Mauerweg (Wall Road), which follows the former course Berlin Wall (both between East and West Berlin and between West Berlin and the state of Brandenburg, and in this case the western borough of Reinickendorf and the eastern borough of Pankow)
24. Pankow, 2018-04-20
25. Weissensee (the neighbourhoud, not the lake, which is called Weisser See), 2018-04-20
26. Reinickendorf, 2018-04-21
27. Reinickendorf, 2018-04-21
28. Reinickendorf, 2018-04-22
29. Schäfersee, Reinickendorf, 2018-04-23
30. Lübars, Reinickendorf, 2018-04-30
31. Lübars, Reinickendorf, 2018-05-04
32. Lübars, Reinickendorf, 2018-05-04
33. Lübars, Reinickendorf, 2018-05-06
34. Wedding, 2018-05-07 – The enormous construction site of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service) headquarters near Berlin Hauptbahnhof
35. The Landwehrkanal near Potzdamer Platz, 2018-05-09
36. Moabit, 2018-05-21
37. Blankenfelde, Pankow, 2018-05-26
38. Blankenfelde, Pankow, 2018-05-26
39. Tegel, Reinickendorf, 2018-05-26
40. Schöneberg, 2018-05-29
41. Charlottenburg, 2018-06-09
42. Charlottenburg, 2018-06-09
43. Funkturm, Charlottenburg, 2018-06-09
44. Pankow, 2018-07-09

I moved to the southern-western neighbourhood of Tempelhof in August 2018. Some of Berlin’s best urban neighbourhoods (such as Kreuzberg and Neukölln) are in this part of town, but I found the suburban areas here less interesting than I did in the north. I also started to work early and late shifts at the tourist information desk at Schönefeld airport. These things combined mean that I have much fewer photos of the second half of my time in Berlin.

45. Heinersdorf, Brandenburg, 2018-08-17 – The southern city limits near Lankwitz, the wall seperaring West Berlin from East Germany would once have followed the line of trees. I took this picture during my first exploration of the Berlin’s south-western suburbs. Little did I know then that I’d spend my last 4 months in Berlin living very close to this spot
46. Tempelhof, 2018-08-19 – A small park enclosed by a residential complex
47. Kreuzberg, 2018-10-06
48. Tempelhof, 2018-11-03 – The Landwehrkanal and the Ullsteinhaus, which was long one of the tallest buildings in Berlin (and Germany)